Near Space Provider for hosted payloads


Combining the best of satellite and aviation

OpenStratosphere is an independent pure play company. We operate flexible Near Space platforms with the highest safety and efficiency. We offer rapid mission deployment for your earth observation applications, environmental intelligence or communication infrastructure.

Evaluation Missions

Rent our manned Near Space aircraft to test and improve your payloads and applications.

Advantages of Near Space

  • Persistent missions

    Solar-powered high-altitude aircraft enable perpetual flight.

  • No (re)visit time limitations

    Platforms can be positioned anywhere, anytime.

  • Orbit Free

    Available missions include station keeping, route tracking or area scanning.

  • High Resolution Imagery

    Mission altitude allows less than 30cm Ground Sample Distance.

  • Cost-effective Operations

    Use of aviation infrastructure: runway, communication and navigation systems.

  • National airspace

    Flights in uncongested airspace above commercial airlines.

Specifications for Hosted Payload

  • Loitering Altitude : 18 km

  • Speed: 100 km/h

  • Max Weight: 30 kg

  • Maximum Volume: 100x40x40 cm

  • Unpressurized: 0.01 atm

  • Temperature Range: +50° -70° C

  • Radiation: Space grade

  • Max Acceleration: ±3.5 g

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