We are building platforms to operate hosted payload services for a wide array of customers worldwide. Our regional clients include:

Aerospace Agencies

We develop and facilitate new and innovative concepts of high-altitude operations for safe, secure and efficient integration of Near Space aircraft into national airspace systems. We aid in the process of acquiring and obtaining proper authorizations, permits and certifications. Usually our process starts with required national permits to fly for manned (pilot needs a spacesuit to survive in the stratosphere) and unmanned high-altitude solar-powered aircraft. Our leading-edge products, services and value-added consulting helps our partners and aerospace authorities to become active contributors to the emerging national and international Near Space regulatory framework. With institutional partnerships, we will create a local industry that will generate employment and new jobs linked to the operations of a flag carrying fleet of Near Space aircraft and systems. OpenStratosphere Evaluation Missions will help you define and implement your National Near Space objectives and strategy.


We work with researchers, designers and manufacturers of game-changing payloads (lightweight, low power, high performance). Developers of dependable and secure data communication and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems will also be part of the solution. We enable the integration and real life testing of third-party scientific experiments, cameras, remote sensors, radars, antennas, broadcast and telecommunication equipment for Near Space environment (i.e. low air temperature, density and pressure) and perpetual flight. OpenStratosphere Evaluation Missions will help you reduce development costs, focus your competitive edge and optimize your market entry.

Application Developers

We are proud to work with those developing the future Near Space cutting edge applications. Will it be to leapfrog strategic infrastructure in developing countries or in new promising domains such as climate science or free space optical communication? Applications that will bring economic, environmental and security benefits. Incremental high-altitude flights can be booked with different durations, times of day and night as well as geographical locations. OpenStratosphere Evaluation Missions are cost effective and reliable means to test and validate the business value proposition and market demand of your Near Space application.